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Water Buffalo Milk

58% more calcium than cow’s milk; 

40% more protein than cow’s milk;    

43% less cholesterol than cow’s milk

Buffalo milk is a totally natural product that can be consumed like any other milk. Participants in tasting trials prefer buffalo milk when compared to cow’s, goat’s and artificially manufactured milks because it tastes smoother and is more pleasing to the palate.
Buffalo milk is very white, significantly less in cholesterol and higher in calcium than cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk. In addition to the significant cholesterol and calcium benefits buffalo milk is also a rich source of iron, phosphorous, vitamin A and protein. Although buffalo milk lacks the yellow pigment, buffalo convert carotene in their diet to vitamin A.

Buffalo milk is totally free from additives and chemicals used to produce non dairy milk such as soya and rice milks.

Buffalo milk contains high levels of the natural antioxidant tocopherol.  Peroxidate activity, i.e. levels of oxygen, is normally 2 to 4 times that of cow`s milk.

Cow`s milk allergy (CMA) is a growing concern for many people.  Buffalo milk does not create the same distress and can be tolerated by many CMA sufferers.
Buffalo milk has high milk solids, ideal for cheese production and other dairy products.  Buffao milk produces the best yogurt that sets naturally without the addition of other ingredients.

Worldwide water buffalo are recognized as a genetically pure species with no cases of mad cow disease or any other transmissible encephalopathies that are found in many species of animals and humans.

Buffalo milk makes the best mozzarella.  The smooth texture and richness converts into a truly wonderful range of award winning products in many countries.

Please note that we do not have public sales and that all of our milk goes to Natural Pastures Cheese Company to be made into delicious Mozzarella di Bufala and other cheese products. 

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