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Water Buffalo meat:

Water buffalo meat, like the milk is lower in cholesterol and higher in mineral content than that from cows. Lean buffalo has less than half (44%) the total fat content of lean beef and has proportionately less saturated fat. In addition to these obvious health benefits there is the added bonus for those who are concerned about BSE ~ there has been no incidence of BSE in any water buffalo anywhere in the world and our herd is certified by the CFIA as BSE free. When cooked there is little noticeable difference in the two meats, either visually or in taste or texture. Water buffalo are fed on grass and hay from Fairburn Farm so, as with all pasture raised meats, cook at a lower temperature to avoid loss of fat and moisture which will toughen the protein.

Our farm products:

At this time we do not have meat for sale to the public. We are now selling our live male calves to Island Water Buffalo in Black Creek where they are raising them for meat. Island Water Buffalo and Island Bison are run on the same farm, so try not to be confused!!

Contact Island Water Buffalo (Island Bison) for meat inquires.