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Back to the Future in 2016 –

Stepping back in time to enjoy a lifestyle that is slipping away in our modern world is part of the experience at Fairburn Water Buffalo and Guesthouse. The coming season will see the return of Anthea and Darrel as hosts of the Guesthouse who are thrilled to be back.

We are offering accommodation in the five bedrooms with comfortable queen beds and homemade breakfast also workshops that include cheese making, yoga and art classes – dates to be announced.

Public tours will be offered during the summer and dates will be announced before the spring.

Maryann, Brett, Mason and Marshall have moved back to their home in Duncan but we enjoy the children visiting the farm quite regularly. Maryann is knowledgeable about technology and is a tower of strength to us, her parents. We are happier working on the farm and looking after the needs of guests, sharing our history and the delights of the Cowichan Valley.

Richard and Alicia are operating the dairy at Fairburn Water Buffalo where 45 happy females are milked daily. In addition to the calves adding to the herd Richard and Alicia have added a new generation with twins born November 10th, Hudson and Delilah, both are doing well and looking forward to life on the farm.

The water buffalo dairy has become a victim of its own success. Natural Pastures has produced mozzarella, bocconcini and brie from buffalo milk for nine years and welcomed two more buffalo farms on Vancouver Island. Buffalo cheese is made only on Tuesday the other days of the week devoted to their prize cow milk cheeses. There is a need for more dairy processing offering a variety of products from water buffalo milk and this is our current challenge.

We look forward to welcoming old friends and meeting new visitors to Fairburn during 2016.

Photo credit Smiling Rain Photography

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