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Our story

Maryann accepts that she is not the stereotypical B&B proprietor, even if she does have one or two (or more) grey hairs. Not unfamiliar with the venture of running a bed and breakfast Рshe was born and raised at Fairburn and her parents, Darrel and Anthea, ran Fairburn Farm Country Manor for 20 years- she embraced the opportunity to continue what her parents, and even her grandparents, had done before her; opening her home up to visitors from around the world.

Brett followed Maryann back to her family farm in March 2011, and as he likes to tell it, became a lumberjack. Perhaps that’s not far from the truth considering how many hours he has dedicated to making sure we’re stocked on fire wood over the colder months of the year. He was a software developer, and continued in this profession working from home until our first son was born at the beginning of July, 2011.

2015 will be our fifth and final guest season and we enjoy seeing new and returning guests!


Mason, Brett, Marshall, and Maryann (left to right) Oct 2013
Photo credit to Flash N’ Sass Photography

SmilingRain (66 of 66)

Brett, Maryann, Mason, and Apollo (dog)
July 2012 Photo credit to Smiling Rain Photography

Maryann, Mason and Brett Hartmann

Maryann, Mason and Brett Hartmann July 2011  Photo credit Molly Orcutt Photography