As of December 2017, the Fairburn Farm property has been transferred to a new ownership.

The Guesthouse and the Water Buffalo dairy have therefore ceased their operations.

The Archer Family would to like to warmly thank all friends, guests and visitors over the years as well as all those who helped on the farm and with the Water Buffalo.

Fairburn has been the first Water Buffalo farm in Canada. Now it has spread to other parts of Vancouver Island, the Fraser Valley, Ontario and Quebec, thanks to the dedication of Darrell and Anthea Archer since 2000.

In the next few weeks, this website, the email address ( and the phone number 250 746 4637 will be phased out.

Thank you again to all you help over the years and to all of our guests.

May 2018 brings Joy, Harmony and Health!


Thank you so very much to all our Guests this season! It has been a wonderful summer.



Luke Liable Photography

Luke Liable Photography